Alos Industrials was set up in 2005 as a design and industrial machine manufacture company.
Over time the company has been consolidated into the market and today we can say that we are grand specialists in designing and introducing automation and control systems into a wide range of industrial sectors.

At present we have a wide variety of standard machinery which we can also custom-make in order to cover all our customer needs. We build grand products to resolve your business problems. Our products are designed for small or medium companies that want to optimise their efficiency.

Also, we offer a reengineering service. We are experts in studying your machines and industrial installations offering the best solutions adapted to each individual case.

In addition, in Alòs Industrials we provide a preventive maintenance service. Our team is specialised in mechanical, electrical, electronical, pneumatic and hydraulic maintenance, as well as in programming, all of which is adapted to industry. We have preventive maintenance programmes ready to be adapted to most industrial sectors.

We can carry out maintenance management with specialised computing tools, offering our customers complete control over the maintenance costs, as well as any estimated expenditure that may arise in the future.


  Alòs Industrials' mission is to encourage our customers' success through solutions in the area of design, manufacture and maintenance of machinery and industrial installations.

We design and make machinery and industrial installations for different productive sectors, such as the following::

  • The Sector of Polystyren

  • The Sector of Wood

  • The Sector of Machines and Tools

  • Turnkey projects and custom-made solutions

Future vision

Alòs Industrials' future vision is to be a benchmark organization, with an international level of competence, with regards to our innovation, solutions, products and service. We invest our efforts in quality as a factor of competitivity in all our actions, which are strongly customer-oriented.


Our values represent our identity as a small company. We are different because the people who work in Alòs Industrials make this company something remarkable. We are quick, we are good listeners, we strive for innovation, work rigorously and we are highly customer-orientated, therefore pushing to satisfy our customer expectations.

  • Speed: We make quick decisions and act swiftly and energetically. We immediately find the solution to a problem, proposing high-quality, realistic and viable alternatives. We quickly adapt ourselves to your requests in the professional context.

  • Listening: We listen to our customers attentively to understand their needs correctly and propose adecuate solutions. We keep our customers´ opinions in mind in any project that we carry out, continuously considering their satisfaction. We actively listen to all parties involved with an open and respectful attitude.

  • Innovation: We actively look for opportunities to improve our products and service to create new business opportunities. We take advantage of problems to give innovative solutions.We keep our knowledge of new technology up to date in order to be pioneers in innovation and to be well-informed of the status of the art of technology. 

  • Service: We know our customers' needs and expectations in order to develop and implement solutions which increase their satisfaction. We assist our customers efficiently, always keeping an adept and resourceful attitude which enhances Alòs Industrials and its staff's credibility and reputation. We assist our customers with maximum interest and we make an effort to interpret their requests, this characteristic being the priority of all our professionals.

  •   Rigour: All our work is of the highest quality, following procedures and guidelines established by the European Union. We act with responsibility, discipline and efficiency.